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February 17, 2011

Tips-Use My Beauty Dairy Sheet Masks Twice

Posted by snowbunnytales at 3:51 PM
So what you need is your packet of MBD sheet mask and some sheet mask tablets. The smaller tablets on the left that I have are from Muji and the larger one on the right I bought from Daiso. Most japanese $1.50 store usually has a pack of 5 tablets for sale :)

After you used your sheet mask don't throw your packet away! look inside! There's alot of liquid left inside that packet! So you can take your sheet mask tablets and throw one in! you'll have another face mask for the next day :) I usually use it the next can probably use it the day after..but I wouldn't keep it for too long~ even with that tablet soaked in will still have some liquid what I do is take a cotton pad/ball...soak that up then apply it to my neck, back of my hands, and the my legs and feet :)

So that's how I try to get as many uses out of my packet of sheet mask..the tablets don't cost that much either so I think it's worth a try :)

I buy my MBD sheet mask from my local chinese 99 Ranch Market (10sheets/$12.99). I'm so glad they carry it, even though it's not the full range. My friend buys hers off sasa or on amazon.

Does anyone have any recommendations for any other brands of sheet masks out there? The only other ones I've tried before are ones from The Face Shop and a few from Watsons stores in Asia.


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