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November 30, 2011


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Essie Luxeffects Shine of the times - Where have I been? I just saw this~ I'm pretty sure other brands might have something similar too~ but I think I might have to run out and get this! it's sooo pretty~ plus I've been good and haven't bought any nail polishes for months!(I think hahaa~) no I'm pretty sure it's been months!

November 25, 2011

Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer

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I saw this at Ulta and decided to try it out~ I have dry and a bit cracked heels. Moisturizing and scrubbing with a pumice stone just isn't enough to heal it. So I just wanted to try it out, Honestly I really didn't have high hopes for it. That's why I'm not that disappointed, because for me it doesn't help get rid of my thick dry heels. But if you feet are in good condition, unlike mine. I think this could actually be a nice foot exfoliator. It can take off mild dry skin just fine. I use it to scrub the top of my feet and around my ankles too~ Those are the areas that feels so soft and smooth afterwards :)

This foot buffer is a sponge that is already packed with moisturizing soap. The bubbles from this are thick and luscious. I used it in my shower stall and I had to make sure I hold on to something so I won't slip and fall. So rinse off your foot well before you switch it to the other. 


November 23, 2011

Eco-Emi November Box

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My first Eco-Emi box that came yesterday :)

I actually am quite pleased with my first box :) Everything here is has a bit of a minty twist to it! I love mint :) 

This box came with :
Keeki Ooh La La Lip Shimmer
Earth's Beauty Sunlight Eye Shadow (a peachy-golden color. Nice for work days)
Deep Steep & Royal Labs Candy Mint Foot Cream
Blissoma Refine Face Mask
Wild Mint Shampoo+Conditioner
Hugo Vanilla & Sweet Orange Mist (good size, smells like a fruit punch lip balm I once had as a kid :p)
Planet Botanicals Hand Cream (smells nice, sample could've been bigger I think)
Sweetriot Dark Chocolate (taste like any other dark choco to me )
Soul Flower Button (great! coz I collect buttons!)

November 15, 2011

SASA~free shipping!

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Sasa's deal is on from Nov 15-17, 2011(HK time)! I just placed an order. This deal is perfect for me because what I want from here doesn't reach $75, which is their free shipping limit :) I'm a lil sad tho that they don't have some of the products I want, but their prices of the stuff I bought are cheaper than imomoko (which is another awesome site to buy asian products from.) 

screen caps from

November 10, 2011

October Favorites

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Biore Triple Action Astringent - I've been using this for about a month and a half. I wanted a toner that has salicylic acid in it, so I walked around target and decided Biore would be my first try.  It's very refreshing, but not drying. I love the cooling effect! ( so it might not be best for people with sensitive skin, my cooling might turn into your burning?) I think I just like products that gives off these cooling effects hahaa~ The scent is clean and refreshing with a slight alcohol smell (It doesn't bother me tho.) I bought it to use at night, but I find myself reaching for this in the mornings instead of my Paul & Joe toner too~ It's cheap and good and I will keep using it!

Lancome Genifique and Visionnaire. These two products have been making my face glow~ I never gave Lancome the time of day before, but I'm really loving these! I've had Visionnaire for about a month and three weeks. I've notice my skin smoother and the pores less visible. Now I only use 2 pumps of Visionnaire at night for my entire face and neck. I got Genefique on Genes Day. I've been using this one in the morning after toning. I feel like it hydrates without the stickiness. My skin drinks it right up (it's either that or the product drys up really quickly hahaa) I like it so far and my parents also uses it. My dad was actually the one who recommended it :) It's perfect for countries with weather like Thailand. I really hope the flooding situation in Thailand ends soon :(

I bought these Hemp Moisturizers at the beginning of September. God knows why I got 2 bottles~ I've never even used it before, but they were having a buy 2 get one free deal. I like it! I would say it feels a lot better on than my Bath and Body Works moisturizers~ but BBW still wins in terms of scent :) I rotate using my moisturizers and sometimes I'll layer them :) Hemp also make my skin feel good. I really like their formula here. I heard that a lot of people like the original formula scent, but it was a bit too much fruity or bananay for me. 

Tsubaki Water (Damage Care) - My friend picked this up for me during one of her flights to Japan this past July. You Can definately find them here in the states tho. I just bought a backup for myself from Ichbankan for around $16.99. I've also seen them in Nijiya and Mitsuwa markets, or even online. Tsubaki water is a leave-in hair treatment that contains tsubaki ( camellia ) oil extract. I spritz in my hair before I blow dry in the mornings and sometimes I spitz some more on before I go to bed. 

I've had Burt's Bees tinted lip balms for over 2 months now and I have to say they are awesome. They kind of smell like old school sun screen to me tho haha~ but I love the texture and I love the color. It gives a good sheer color payoff, but it's still looks natural. I prefer Tiger Lily a bit more, but I still reach for both! I have soo many lip balms > < 

( Hibiscus-top, Tiger Lily-bottom)

November 7, 2011

jlist & Sephora F&F haul~

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(Popin' Cookin' DIY Sushi Candy, Kracie Neru Neru Nerune: Muscat)
(Deco Bento Furikake 5 Colors: Salmon, Popin' Cookin' Ramen & Dumpling Candy)

I ordered a few snacks from jlist coz I really wanted to play with these candies! This was only half of what I ordered tho. They ran out of products, so I told them to cancel the rest. I still want the other candies tho! These are so fun! Maybe I'll try to film a vid while making these~

and here's what I recently picked up from the Sephora Friends &Family Sale~ 

I've been wanting to try out some Caudalie products, so I pick those up.

Lancome Visionnaire is working great for me, so I pick up one for myself and another for my mom to try out. 

Then lastly I decided to pick up Benefit's Powderflage again. I still don't think Powderflage is an amazing product, but I really like using it. I use it to set my under eye concealer. I can't use it alone, because it does absolutely nothing, but for setting the concealer its great. It brightens a tiny bit and it doesn't set into my fine lines and it stays on all day.
I bought Bare Minerals Well Rested to try out a while back. That one really brightens and conceals nicely, but it settles into my fine lines and it starts to fade throughout the day. I end up with patches of undereye concealer. I aslo think Well Rested looks fake and too bright on me. In person it looks alright, but in photos I could really see the difference :( Anyways, that's why I'm picking up another Powderflage. I like it and I think Benefit is also discontinuing it. This way I'll have something to use until I find another brand I like ~

Have you picked up anything new and awesome lately?

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