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September 18, 2011

My Current Skin Care~

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Philosophy Purity Made Simple - I wash with this twice at night. Once without water, massaging off all the base make up. Another time with water to double cleanse. This is my second bottle. I didn't love this cleanser at first, but I think my skin really likes it. It's not drying and it cleanses off all of my base makeup. Plus my face has cleared up a lot with a mixture of different products, but this has done the cleansing part very well. Sometimes if I have foundation on, I'll use the Earth Therapeutics Complexion Brush. I've been debating whether I need the Clarasonic or not. This brush is saying that I probablly don't right now. It's working pretty well :) So we'll see I might still get it in the future. What do you think?

Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash - I wash with this one in the morning. It says its gentle enough for daily use. This has been great. I like it so far. I like how my face feels and looks after I wash with it.  

Paul&Joe Refreshing Skin Toner - I've blogged about this before and I still like it. I forgot my RMK Fruit Toner in Thailand. So I use this one morning and night right after I get out of the shower.

Lancome Visionnaire - I've only gotten this for a few days, so I can't really say if it good yet. I use it morning and night after toning. 1 1/2 pump in the morning and 3 pumps at night for face and neck. I will let you know what I think about it. I've been reading some good reviews on it and I'm very curious.

RMK Extra Brightening - I use this one at night usually before I put on Visionnaire. I still love this. I love the scent too.

Bobbie Brown Hydrating Eye Creme - I've been using this for the past 3 months morning and night. It's a good hydrating eye cream. I think my eyes are just in a bad condition. They have very dark circle and fine lines under the eyes. I can't find an eye cream that works miracles for me. I'm trying my Paul & Joe one next, but if anyone has any suggestion. PLEEEASE let me know~

Origins VitaZing - I went out to get this after TiffanyD raved about it on YouTube. I think its an ok moisturizer. I use it in the morning, but I don't use it everyday. This also works well as a face primer for me. I rotate VitaZing with other moisturizers I had. Now I'm gonna try to finish it. I actually like the old school sunscreen scent. and I like how it brings a bit of a glow to the skin. I have nothing bad to say about it, but it's not HG for me.

Dior Snow White Reveal Fresh Creme - Been using this at night for awhile and I absolutely love it! I love the scent and texture of this cream. I usually don't have good luck with Dior moisturizers, but this one is good~

RMK lip Essence & Face Protector - blogged bout these before. Still loving it and not planning on not using it anytime soon. These are the last two I put on before I do my hair, then makeup :)

September 12, 2011

Slatkin & Co Candles♥

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(hot chocolate)
(pumpkin caramel latte, autumn)
(cinnamon sugared donut, spiced madeleine, lavender macaroon)

I think these are new Slatkin & Co fall candle scents(except for autumn.) I am diggin' these! They smell so good~!! I've only burned hot chocolate so far and the scent throw is pretty nice. The scent filled my room and flowed into the hallway a bit when I left my door open. It smells like hot coco powder mix that you can get from the market. I actually like the scent a lot more when it's burning.

Sometimes it's a hit or miss with these candles, so I'll let you know my thoughts on them when I finish burning these. So if you like bakery scents you have to stop by to sniff these. It was the cinnamon donut and pumpkin latte that brought me in at first. 

I'm a little worried for my wallet now~ I didn't think they'd have so many new scents. I'll buy a few more minis I guess. I'll try to stay away from full size ones since i did stock up a bit from last year...booo

I would suggest getting the three minis(4.8oz combined) for $5, instead of the 2(4oz) for $10 tho. you'd get bit more~ but if you love a scent~go for the 14.5oz!

Will you be getting any of these?
What are some of your favourite candle brands?

September 4, 2011

August Favourites

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Since I didn't do a favs last month, I'll pick ten this month :) Here are my favs on a blue sheet :)

RMK Gel Emulsion - lovin' it~ this is the sample size one I showed in my rmk haul. One thing tho..I think it may not be best suited for people with oily skin.

RMK Creamy Polished Base - Creates a smooth veil over the face and makes my powder foundation & gel emulsion last all day. Do not rub it in to your skin or you'll end up rubbing it off as it drys.

Mac HoneyLove Lipstick - I've been reaching for this more than any other lip color! it's a beautiful matte nude. The downside to this product for me that it is very very drying on the lips, so i always have to pair it a lip moisturizer.

Fairydrops Platinum Mascara - This one is the film type one, not water proof. It is water resistance and doesn't smudge. It's very similar to the way imju's extra long mascara works, except this one is a little more volumizing. I actually like the brush too. Have no clumping so far and I like the way my lashes look and it actually holds a curl. It is not as lengthening as imju tho. Sephora also has a version different to the one in Japan's market. Lastly~I love love love all of fairydrops packaging!! Click here to check out their site.

Rhoto Lycee Eye Drops - Love the cooling effect, how refresh it makes my eyes feel, and packaging! I'm on my second bottle~and also bought backups~so I do really like it. 

RMK lip essence - One of the lip products I own that I feel can actually penetrate into my lips and moisturize them. Some lip balms just sit on the surface of the lips, but I still love all lip balms ;)

Paul&Joe Refreshing Toner - I like it so far~ smells nice and feels hydrating.

SmoothE - Several of my friends who suffered from acne scaring has used this and has seen a HUGE difference. So I've been testing it out for the past two months. So far I've seen some lightening up, so fingers crossed!! I use it from head to toe. I've been allergic to mosquitos bites, so I hope it'll clear up those dark spots too~Do they sell this in the U.S.? it's an U.S. product, but I don't recall ever seeing it~

LaRoche-Posay Hydraphase Essence - I dropped by boots three weeks ago to look for a moisturizer and the sales rep suggested I try this as a moisturizer. It's actually an serum and I thought in my head that this couldn't be enough, but it is enough and I think it's because of thailand weather. I love it for thailand, because it's the right texture for this hot humid weather. Might have to layer it in SF tho~we'll see :)

Miracles Crystal Deo Spray - I like this alot. I've tried the crystalized version, where you would dip it in water then apply to the underarm, but it was a bit irritating for me. So I decided to try the spray version. I think there should be similar products in the States, but this one here is a Thai product.

I've always had allergic reactions to drug store deodorants, so in SF I decided to spend the money and try LaVanilla. That worked awesome for that weather, but in Thailand it was too thick and creamy and my underarms didn't like it again. I had to use just baby powder for awhile. This is a 100% natural, fragrance free, non-allergic deodorant. Sprays out like water, feels like water, but I won't stink.

I think I'm going to do a little research about deodorants and try out a few :) 

So what are your favs??

September 1, 2011


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RMK Skin Tuner Fruit - Refreshing citrus fruity toner. I have no Idea why I love this more than other brands of toner, but this is my 5th or 6th bottle. It's very refreshing and makes my skin feels clean, smooth and hydrated. My mom&dad also likes this too~ especially dad who plays golf ;)

RMK's Description:
Containing Vitamin C, and fruit extracts as Raspberry Extract and Peach Seed, this moisturizer suppresses the production of Melanin, and restrains the formation of blemishes and freckles from UV exposure, whilst keeping your skin bright and drenched with moisture. Fruity bitter orange scented to energize your skin and soul.

RMK Extra Brightening -  This, I've also gone through a few. I like it. It's a light serum that smells and feels nice. a pump and a half will cover your face and neck. I like how my skin looks beter when using these two products, than when I'm not using them :)

RMK's Description:
This Brightening essence has a revolutionary blend of 13 ingredients that treats the skin on every level to achieve the fresh luminous complexion. It suppresses the Melanin which led to unwanted pigmentation, retrains various substances and causes that diminish our skin clarity. It also refines, stimulates, firms and moisturizes the skin, creating a visibly clearer, brighter and most important healthier skin. Scented with lemon twists and grapefruit to revitalize your skin. 

RMK Face Protector - My fav sunscreen. I've made a mini post on this already :)

RMK Pressed Powder N - Swirl all together and dust over face. Will update on how I feel about it later :)

A few sample I got~and I absolutely love the Gel Emulsion. It works almost like a light foundation. It's easy to blend with a sponge and just top off with the pressed powder gota go get the full size. 

I love Rmk Products, but they are a bit pricey~
info from RMK


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