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May 8, 2011

MiniMini Haul~

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I went to pick up OPI's Pirate collection from Ulta today (post and swatches here) and came home with some things I don't really need from the mall :)

I picked up UD's The QuinceaƱera Bag ($26) I love the glittery purple~but is it worth $26?  I'm not sure hahaaa~ isn't it pretty tho?

Then I walked over to BBW and picked up a few more hand sanitizers (not that I already don't have enough!!) But I think I'll gives these out when I visit back home in asia. I bought a ton of Reindeer Pocket bacs back in January too~~These are nice fruity scents! I'm not crazy about the blueberry one tho--but I love the eucalyptus and lavender ones below :)

This one I got for free with the coupon (spend $10 get a sig product(up to $12) free)

Last week I finally picked up Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed. Loving the texture and color, but does it last 12 hrs??? I don't think so...

The pictures looks better color edited...past post images are really dull~sorry! I will edit from now on!

May 5, 2011

ArtLovin'-7 Billion: Are You Typical? - National Geographic Magazine

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A pretty cool motion infographics ~


May 3, 2011

April Favourites

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I'm really starting to like my organix cherry blossom ginseng shampoo and conditioner more and more. I didn't feel like it was anything special at first, but the more I use it...the more I feel like my hair is softer and healthier :) Well my caretrico treatment and hair masks probably help too~ but I'm liking it! I'm almost out and I want to try one in another scent :)

Imju Fiberwig Mascara~ I only buy the ones from asia. I've been using this brand for a few years now and this is the only mascara I keep repurchasing. I  personally like the fiberwig more than the lash knockout. Fiberwig really lengthens my lashes and separates them well. For me, it stays all day. It's easy to take off. It can easily come off with water. The thing is..I have super watery runny eyes and I cry a lot when watching sad, touching movies hahaaa. This mascara stays for me~my eye liner might be gone, but my lashes are still good :p I heard it comes off for some people tho~

RMK Ingenious Gel Eyeliner in Deep Blue - I've been reaching for this alot lately. I like that it looks almost black, but when the light hits, you can see the blue in it :) Below are somw swatches with a few other liner favs.

(RMK Deep Blue . Milani Black . MUFE 2L)

Benefit PowderFlage- I really thought this product would help with my dark daaark circles... it's useless alone, but when paired with your favourite concealer it's pretty good :) So I use this to set my concealer. it helps brighten a tiny bit. The powder is really fine and it doesn't set into my under eye lines. So I do like this product, but I need to try out some other stuff to see if this is really worth it~ and it's kinda expensive no?

Goat Milk Stuff Soap in Cider Press. I've been loving this soap~especially this scent. It's apple spice? apple cinnamon? It's definitely an autumn fall scent, but I don't care~ I'm using it now! this is about 1/4 of a half size bar they sell on their website. I'm def. getting this in a full bar when I run out of soap, which won't be for awhile, because I ordered quite a bit from both, goat milk stuff and creamery creek! (review soon~)

I'm still loving my caretrico treatment and Naked palette too~but I thought I should mention some of my other favs also. Whats yours this past month?


May 2, 2011

Break Time Favs!

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I love tea~ but I just recently got into drinking fruity teas. This one is from Lupcia, a really nice tea store in the city. This is a decaffeinated black tea flavored with strawberries, peaches, and lychees. They also included some rose petals as well. The scent is so fruity it makes my mouth water~ I also love their packaging! :) it's great hot or cold~ I've been drinking it cold tho ;) weather has been getting a bit warmer~

who doesn't love kitkats? well I'm actually not too fond of the brown sugar flavored one. I think it was brown sugar--but these matcha ones are great! This came with two type of matcha flavoring, regular matcha and matcha milk :) I always get excited like a little kid when I  see a flavored kitkat I havn't tried yet. Next, I really want to try the pudding one! or any other ones I can get my hands on~

Senbei's are one of my favourite snacks to munch on. I wonder if this is similar. the cracker part taste the similar to me. This is cheese okaki. Love it! love the one that has almond or seaweed on top too~

I only had one of these left. it's a ginger chewy candy. It really tastes like ginger, so if you hate ginger, you will spit it right out like my brother hahaa~ but I love the texture and flavor of this candy.

this is just something sweet and pretty~ what are these called? rock candies? I like to call them star dust candies. I like having some in a cute jar placed on my vanity. I don't eat them too much, it is all sugar hahaa...but aren't they just cute??


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