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February 21, 2011


Posted by snowbunnytales at 3:43 PM
I've had my boi-ing for probably 2 years now. I kinda use it on and off. It works fine, but I'm not crazy about it...and I used to not wear concealer everyday. I mainly use Boi-ing for concealing under my eyes. Today, I decided I would use it...since there's not much left of it~I should just finish it. 

After I used it, I noticed the pan looking kinda gloomy, so I just decided I would take a q-tip and clean it up a bit~ I was a little shocked when I lifted the q-tip up. Were my fingers that dirty? or was it my brush? why was the q-tip so dirty looking. soo I took a few more q-tips and swiped them a couple times each. They were still all dirty!

So I'm thinking m/b it's the material of the pan? or is mine toooo old? But I mean...I'm putting this stuff on my eyes~! my brushes would be picking this up right~?? I duno...anyone has any ideas? I'm putting this aside for now...but I think I really should just toss it~


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