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October 10, 2011

September favourites~

Posted by snowbunnytales at 4:25 PM

I've been loving dry shampoo! I used to wash my hair everyday and I knew it was bad for my hair, but i just felt kinda dirty so I washed it everyday. When I got back to sf this time, the weather was cooler, so I decided that I was going to try out dry shampoo. I bought Batiste and I like it a lot. I don't know how it will compare to other dry shampoos, but this one keeps the oils away and give my hair some volume. Its almost easier to style into the messy hair look I love. So now I wash my hair every other day and I'm not so much bothered by it. The white powder doesn't bother me at all, because once you rub i in and comb it out. it pretty much disappears :)

My pocketBac hand sanitizer. I love a lot of the bath and body ones, but I've been using a few bottles of this scent through the year(yes I stocked up~). It's Dasher's Apple Mint~ I really hope they will come back out with this reindeer collection. I love all of them except the pink one. I think it was vixen. 

Sana New Born Styling W Brow in Natural Brown - I've never used an eyebrow mascara until this one. There are tons of other brands on the market too. I love that the lighter color of the mascara coats my dark brows and make them look lighter, but still natural at the same time. I haven't used too much of the pencil side. I feel that if I use them together it looks a bit too light. So I pair it with another brow powder I have. I got mine at sasa in singapore, but I've seen them in Nijiya markets here.

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 day tattoo - Does it last an entire day? On my eyes...not really, but for the most part yes. Every now and then my eyes gets a bit watery, so sometimes the tail of my liner disappears, but I don't really mind it. It doesn't happen very often and for the most part it stays dark and stays put. I'll just fill it back in. it has a really nice fine tip and it easy to control. I bought mine from a Ichibankan. It's like Daiso, but they carry some cosmetics and hair care/ skincare stuff too.  This one is the Limited pink packaging version. It comes with a cd. The original one is black. 

You can always find these japanese products I buy from sites like imomokosasa, or prettyandcute

(light swatches of brow liner, K-palette liner)

Then lastly...I've been searching for a goooood hand cream, my hands are suffering from probably over washing them and the cold weather. I picked up Body Shop's Almond Oil Intensive Hand Rescue. It's a thick cream a lot thicker than the tube version. This one is good. It's not the best, but I'm enjoying it and it has helped my hands alot. I've also been slathering on a bunch then I stuff my hands inside some plastic disposable gloves for 20 mins. My hand are so soft and moisturized after.

Did anyone find any new and exciting?


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