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October 15, 2011

Candle Obsessed!

Posted by snowbunnytales at 7:59 PM
I'm going to do mini quick thoughts on the candles I got from Slatkin & Co. I'm a horrible scent describer though~ So I don't know if my thoughts on them will help that much. But I try :)

This post will be on going, because I haven't burned enough of some candles yet. I have definitely been loving the 3mini candles for $5 tho. I get to try more scents and if I love it I can go back and get the 14.5 oz :) Everybody's nose is different. What I like you might not. What you like I might not. I usually like warm bakery scents. Scents that makes me feel warm and cozy, therefore most of the scents I get are usually from the fall/winter collections. I do try and like some of the spring/summer scents tho :)

I haven't experiences any bad 3 wicked candles yet and knock on wood, hopefully I'll never have to, but if you do run into that problem, don't hesitate to take it back. I discovered that bbw has a great return/exchange policy. All the candles I've tried so far burned clean to the bottom :)

So here are my thoughts!

Winter Garland - This is my go to christmas scent. It smells like a christmas wreath or tree with a hint of berry. The throw is pretty strong and not over powering. love it.

Caramel Apple - Sweet apple and caramel scent. I think they got it pretty much right. I smells kind of like when I stirring together apples and brown sugar together on the stove. yum! I'm ok with this scent. I probably won't be purchasing a full size product.

Leaves - Sweet cinnamony apple spicy fall scent. I doesn't smell like leaves on the ground though. the throw is quite strong on this one, but I love it anyways~

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts - This one smells almost like horchata to me. I haven't had horchata in awhile, but it definitely reminded me of that. It's a sweet vanillay cinnamon scent. The scent throw is on the lighter side, but sometimes that nice too. I enjoyed this scent.

Lavender Macaroon - Warm vanilla bakery plus a relaxing lavender scent. I love the cold throw, but it gives me a really bad headache when I light it up. I couldn't even finish burning a mini :( so sad

Apple Crumble - I did not like the cold throw of this one, but I picked  it up anyways and to my surprise. I liked it. This one kind of reminded me of leaves, but less strong and less spices. It does smell more like green apple too I think, so maybe thats why it's not as sweet to me. It smells like a fall scent, but I'm not sure if it actually smells like the dessert.

Hot Chocolate - I didn't like the cold throw of this one either. Although all the sales rep said it smells exactly like a cup of hot chocolate, I disagree. When I lit it though, it smells so much better~ It smells like instant hot chocolate mix from the market, which I thought was pretty good, better than any other chocolate scents I've tried.

Dark Chocolate Mint - This one compared to the Hot Chocolate one WINS. It smells like chocolate frosting to me~yum. I only got the mini and the throw wasn't as strong, but I'm thinking a full size one will be stronger. I like this one. It's more Chocolate than mint, which I'm happy happy.

Mint Chocolate - When I got this, I think I got for the color than the scent. It was only ok to me, because sometimes it hurt my throat when burning it. The cold throw was very similar to the real thing. It's when burning that the scent changes a bit. Plus no one ever complimented on this scent. Everyone said it smells weird. 

Cranberry Woods - Very strong warm woodsy, but very berry scent. I like it, a little strong though. I can't burn it too long, because it ends up giving me headaches sometimes.

Frosted Cupcake - Vanilla Frosting scent! I like this one too~ except sometimes the scent of the burning wick overpowers the scent of the candle, which is not cool :(  It's not that strong of a scent, but you can still really smell it in a large room.

Homemade Cookies - This has a very similar scent to Frosted Cupcake, but has a warmer feel to it. The sweet in it is not as sharp. But this also has that overpowering wick burning scent I think.

Hot Buttered Rum - Very sweet caramel rum scent. Has a pretty strong throw. It ended up being a little too sweet for me and hurt my throat too, so didn't enjoy it that much.

Winter - It's like a cold breeze, but a warm comfy feeling at the same time. trees, spice, wood and maybe some vanilla? I like it. I think they are many similar scents out the on the market, but out of the many I've tried, this one is the best. 

Spiced Madeleine - Smells sweet, spicy, warm, vanillay. The cold throw is ok. I hate it when it's burning tho. It's a mixture of al ot of scents and I can't stand it. It smells like a yankee candle store, which I hate.

Cranberry Peach Bellini - Sweet, fresh, tangy berries. I like it. It could be a year round scent. The throw is pretty good, not too light, not too strong. I think its a good mixture of pears and cranberry? because it I had to pin point a fruit scent, I think I might have said some kind of punch.

Salty Caramel - smells exactly like a bucket of caramel popcorn~ smells so good I want to eat it, but I kind of don't want my room smelling like it.


Caribbean Escape

Pomegranate Lemonade

Pumpkin Caramel Latte - I don't really smell pumpkin in this. AllI smell is sweet caramel and maybe vanilla with a splash of spice.

Winter Cabin

Spiced Apple Toddy

Marshmellow Peppermint - The cold Throw smelled like sweet minty toothpaste or play doe to me. I didn't like the cold throw, but when burning, it smelled kinda nice, something sweet and sugary with barely there mint scent.

Cranberry Cider

Candied Sugar Plum - Smells like a candy I ate as a child, but I can't figure out which one. I do like this one though. I think you might have to go sniff it.

Winter Wonderland

Autumn - Smells like Winter Garland without the berries. This one is very light, but I like it. Smells like fall air and pine trees to me

S'mores - Does not smell like S'mores to me. But it's sweet, warm, a bit musky, and you can smell a bakery element. I enjoyed burning it. the throw was pretty strong.


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