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June 30, 2011

Goat Milk Soaps~

Posted by snowbunnytales at 3:07 AM
hello! Sorry I've been away for a bit. I'm Still in Asia and without a camera right now >< But I stumbled on some photos of these two brands of goats milk soaps I photographed a while back. I've been using these for a while now~

This first brand is from creamerycreek (CC). I've heard about this brand before, but I didn't really want to order online back then. ginabinawina99 made me want to try them~so I ordered a bunch to try out and I also ordered two for my grandmama. She loves a good bar of soap :) I got her Cleopatra's bath and Honey Almond Oatmeal. I wanted to try these out too, but I thought she'd like those ones the best :)

This second brand is called goatmilkstuff (GMS). This was one of the first few links on google when I googled goat milk soaps. So I looked for some reviews online and on youtube. I didn't find that many reviews, but the ones i did find were positive. So I thought I'd order a few to see how I like them and to maybe compare to creamery creek. I ordered four scents- Black Raspberry, Cider Press, Pink Sugary, and Oatmeal and Honey Scrub. I only ordered half bars and the picture below is showing half of a half bar size. I used up quite a bit already :)

Scent - CC has a lighter scent, which is very soft and nice. The blueberry smells like fresh blueberries. Red Clover tea smells nice too~ it kinda smells like bath and body works Sweat Pea to me. CC's soap base has a very light scent which smells like milk, but it doesn't bother me like GMS's soap Base. I can't really say what GMS base smells like, but it leaves a smell in my shower that I don't really like. It's a scent which I couldn't really smell on the bar of soap or while showering. (keep in mind that I got my mom's nose. we smell things that other people don't smell sometimes). I would say that GMS has a stronger scent, but not in a bad way. I really like Cider Press and Honey Almond. Both brands of soaps scents doesn't really linger on the body. For me that's a plus, because I like to use scented body lotions or perfume :)

Lather - They both lather up really well. I would say that CC's lather feels a bit creamier to me. They both wash off very clean. My skin feels clean, but not too dry. 

Packaging/shipping - If I remember correctly they both arrived within three days. So that's quick! They pack the soaps nicely in a box and both brands also gives you a hand written note~which I thought was pretty cute. I like how both soaps are designed too--GMS has that wavy textured top and I also like that they didn't have a sleeve for their soap. It's all about the beautiful colors and textures and swirls you see when you open the box :) CC has a really cute sleeve. It's not important to have one in my opinion, but its a nice added detail to the product. I think I enjoy the different designs that are pressed into their soaps more~

Samples - Both brands came with samples. At checkout on GMS, they let you select three scents you would like to smell. I say smell, because the samples I got were really small. about the size of my pinky. I still liked it tho. At least I will know if I want to order it next time. CC gave me three samples too (randomly selected). CC samples are a nice size. it lasted up to a few days use for me. I also emailed her after I ordered to ask if one of my samples can be a coconut cream. She threw in a little cute molded bar of soap for me on top of the samples. That was really nice :) wish I took a pic of it~

Overall - I like and would recommend both brands. If I had to choose only one--- I think I lean more towards Creamery Creek. That's my personal liking tho. I would purchase again, but there are so many other brands I would like to try too. I'll let you know what I try next :)
Sorry my writing is really bad~ I'm working on it!!!


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