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August 24, 2011

More Paul & Joe~

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I just want to introduce you to Kapibara~san! My new friend!! I've been wanting him for a long time, but i havn't been able to find him until now~ I think he needs more friends!!!!!

I told you I will be going back for more paul&joe products! This will be the only purchases I'll be getting from them for awhile, since I'm going back to the States in a few days ~(T^T)~

Refreshing Skin Toner - I've been using this for about three weeks now and I like it, but I think I'll like it better back in SF. This toner feels very hydrating. I thought it would have a more refreshing crisp clean feeling, but it's more of a moisturized feeling. I don't mean moisturized greasy, like the product doesn't sink into the skin, it feels like its actually doing something. It smells like orange blossoms and something else~hmm what is it? But I like this so far and it doesn't break me out. 

During this period I did switch to try out my mom's new SKII for a few days and that one did break me out! :(

Eye Color Primer - I haven't used this, but I wanted to try a primer other than Too Faced or Urban Decay. I've Seen Eki used this in one of her tutorials, so I'm excited to try it. I'll start using this after I finish my mini Benefit Stay Don't Stray and I'll let you know What I think :) 

Eye Treatment Duo - I haven't tried this one either. But I'll keep you updated~ fingers crossed they'll be great!

These are gift with purchase and 2 mini cleansing milk sample(cute!). Got all this from buying the three above *YAY* I haven't tried anything yet. I've had them for almost a month, but I don't want to touch it hahaa~ isn't the bag super cute?? I love it!

August 1, 2011

Paul & Joe ♥

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I've not too long ago discovered Paul & Joe's Download page~ I'm in love with these desktop wallpapers. So I even googled to find some of the older designs.
You can click here to visit their Download page! 
Below are some examples of the ones I've got :)

images from & some from google


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